31st Anniversary of Bisho Massacre commemorated in Eastern Cape

31st Anniversary of Bisho Massacre commemorated in Eastern Cape

The commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the Bisho Massacre is currently underway in the heart of the Eastern Cape.

This poignant event serves as a stark reminder of the tragic events that unfolded on this day in 1992 when 28 people, including one soldier, lost their lives in a harrowing incident. The Bisho Massacre remains etched in the collective memory of those who live in the area, symbolising a dark chapter in South Africa’s history.

On that fateful day, the former Ciskei government’s defence force opened fire on protesters who were vehemently opposing the rule of the homeland government.

Families who endured the heartbreak of losing their loved ones continue to grapple with the profound impact of this tragedy. One such family is that of Chris Mangona, who tragically lost his brother during the massacre. He emphasizes that his brother’s involvement in the struggle was driven by a deep desire to bring about positive change in society.

Recalling the horrific events of that day, Mangona emotionally shared, “I saw it on TV… seeing my brother trying to escape. I immediately called in the evening to inquire about his whereabouts. They informed me that they had not yet located him, and it took three agonizing days to discover his lifeless body, a victim of the tragic shootings.”

As Bisho gathers to remember and honour those who perished, the scars of that fateful day serve as a sombre reminder of the sacrifices made in the struggle for a just and equitable South Africa.

Motlanthe delivers online lecture to commemorate 28 years since the Bisho Massacre

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