5 hacks to help you stay moisturised this summer

5 hacks to help you stay moisturised this summer

Harsh and dry winter winds can push the savviest beauty fundis to be staunch with their beauty routines. However, with the heat up, sunscreen is not the only thing that should be on your mind.

As the mercury rises and the sun shines brightly, it is advisable to change your skincare routines and avoid misconceptions about skimping on moisturiser during warmer seasons.

This was stressed by brand manager of Clere skincare, Su-Marie Annandale who said: “Moisturising remains a vital step in your skin care regimen, even when temperatures are soaring.”

She sheds light on why you shouldn’t skimp on moisturiser and details the key benefits it brings to your skin.

Original Story by www.timeslive.co.za


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