A funny thing happened after the RWC: ‘caveman’ Craig Jackson’s travel tales

A funny thing happened after the RWC: ‘caveman’ Craig Jackson’s travel tales

The things I remember most about my childhood holidays are an accumulation of sand in my Speedo from being dumped by the shore breakers, 5c chappies, Mellow Yellow and the glorious smell of sunscreen.

My first trip abroad was to the UK. I was 14, that age when cool music was everything. I remember going to HMV and Virgin records and buying single songs on tape in a cardboard covering.

I have a country crush and it’s Iceland, my best holiday ever. I warn you, though, it’s pricey. Iceland is a big volcanic island and such an interesting and beautiful country. I felt I was on another planet. I highly recommend going to the Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss Falls and Geysir. Icelandic horses have five gaits called “ort”, as opposed to other horses around the world.

Malta is also a great country to visit. It’s steeped in history and has very interesting architecture. I highly recommend taking the sightseeing tour buses to take in everything Malta has to offer.

My most epic solo trip was to Malta. I travelled there for a shoot and stayed for two weeks. I only shot for two days so the rest of the time I was all alone. I loved it. A word of advice: make a plan every day to do something different, especially in a small country such as Malta where there is only so much you can do. I went to Valletta, Mdina and St Julian’s. My must-sees are the old city, Mdina; the new city, Valletta; and take the St John’s Cathedral tour. It is breathtaking. Last, go to the Mdina glass factory where you’ll find beautiful gifts, Christmas decorations, ashtrays and so on

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