‘Accused in Bester’s case not showing any remorse’

‘Accused in Bester’s case not showing any remorse’

ActionSA says the accused in Thabo Bester’s case do not seem to show any remorse.

The bail application of the five people accused of assisting Bester to escape from prison will continue in the Bloemfontein Magistrates’ Court in the Free State on Friday morning.

Magudumana, the sixth accused, is the only one who has abandoned her bail application and will be back in court on Tuesday next week.

On Thursday, a state witness claimed that one of the accused Senohe Matsoara had travelled to Lesotho eight times between October and November 2022.

ActionSA’s Patricia Kopane says, “The justice system must have a strong case against them to prove that they are guilty. I’m so sorry that where I’m standing today, many people end up not being found guilty after committing serious crimes – because those in the justice system are not doing their job. So, I hope this time, they will get to the bottom of the matter. This is a national crisis, everybody has an interest in this matter.”

The video below is reporting more on the Bester story:

Original Story by www.sabcnews.com


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