Africa meets India in Bryoni Govender’s Miss Universe costume

Africa meets India in Bryoni Govender’s Miss Universe costume

As a week long affair, Miss Universe features hundreds of gowns and smiles from its contestants. However, as the competition intensifies, the finalists need to make their biggest impressions on the national costume stage. 

Bryoni Govender, this year’s Miss South Africa first-runner up, took to the Miss Universe stage last night in a striking green gown that fuses her Indian heritage and African motifs.

“It’s a modern take on the sari and is quite refined. Green is the main colour, which currently represents South Africa so well. The biggest and most time-consuming challenge has been the beading,” said designer of the gown Casey Jeanne.

As her debut for the local title holders, Jeanne wanted to avoid a “gaudy” costume and wanted to embody a sari through its design, while tapping into Zulu beading that creates the famed Ndebele geometrical shapes.

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