AmaXhosa King welcomes Grootbom Doctorate

AmaXhosa King welcomes Grootbom Doctorate


The King of AmaXhosa His Majesty, King Vulikhaya Sigcawu, expressed a deep sense of pride upon receiving news of the decision of Rhodes University to bestow an honorary doctorate on one of the greatest ambassadors of the nation of AmaXhosa, Noxolo Grootbom.

For many decades as an IsiXhosa news reader on the national broadcaster, Grootbom brought into the living rooms of millions of households the richness of the isiXhosa language, thereby instilling a sense of collective pride amongst all those who lay claim to IsiXhosa as their mother tongue.

“As the primary custodians of the AmaXhosa culture, of which language forms the core, it gives us a deep sense of pride and joy that one of the most recognizable faces amongst speakers of our language has been honoured in this fashion. It is an individual honour for her, but we feel collectively honoured as a nation”, the King said.

King Sigcawu added, “At a time when our children are growing up in an environment where speaking a foreign language, particularly English, is seen as a measure of intellectual capacity, we are happy to have bright sparks such as Sis’Noxolo who, with just their fluency in the mother tongue, bring back the authenticity of being an African. We hope that many others can seek to emulate her example and know that love for one’s indigenous language does not diminish one’s value in the eyes of the world”.

At an appropriate time the King hopes to host this illustrious daughter of the nation and find ways to utilize her skills in the various cultural and linguistic programmes that the King plans to embark upon.


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