Boipatong Massacre victims say they are forgotten and neglected

Boipatong Massacre victims say they are forgotten and neglected

The survivors and families of the victims of the Boipatong Massacre in 1992 say they’ve been forgotten and neglected.

The memorial site established by the Gauteng provincial government in 2014 is not being maintained.

The R2.3 million that was allocated to maintain the monument by the provincial government was allegedly used for other things by the Sedibeng District Municipality.

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi l June 1992 Boipatong massacre survivors speak out

Fifty-five-year-old Zamile Latha who lost three relatives in the tragedy says the establishment of the monument did little to heal the old wounds.

“The monument is not fully functional. It is not working. … They come and promise us the stipends. So, no one is responsible for it or for what is happening there. It is us who volunteer. But I can remember the Premier promising to take care of our concerns around last year June.”

Municipal manager of Sedibeng District Municipality, Motsumi Mathe has refuted the allegations of mismanagement of funds.

“We have since submitted what the money must be used for. We have already released a bid requesting suppliers who are going to do the refurbish work and the plans are done on what needs to happen and done on site. That process is on and the money is re-invested and it is not used for any other thing that’s not meant for.”

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