‘Buthelezi was a good man who did a bad man’s job’

‘Buthelezi was a good man who did a bad man’s job’

South African musician Mbuso Khoza, who had a close relationship with Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, sharing a love for traditional Zulu songs, says he learnt a lot from the late AmaZulu traditional Prime Minister.

Khoza is known for his delicate mix of deep traditional Zulu music, infused with jazz elements.

Speaking on the sidelines of Buthelezi’s funeral service in Ulundi, Khoza says Princess Magogo had a huge influence on her son Buthelezi’s love for music.

“Princess Magogo used to attend the Adventist that is why you’d hear a song, he would cry when uMntwana was listening to that. The influence of Princess Magogo in Prince Mangosuthu’s life is really huge; simply because I once had a moment with him in 2017, he said I used to sleep on my mother’s voice singing and wake up to my mother’s voice singing. Princess Magogo was a very spiritual woman.”

Khoza adds the way Buthelezi loved music, he should have been a singer.

“I’ll remember him as a good man who did a bad man’s job. He was supposed to be a musician for me, not a politician because when you sit down with him, such a beautiful soul…sometimes he would just send me an emoji on WhatsApp, smiling emoji.”

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi | Princess Magogo, Buthelezi’s mother, instilled a love of music: 

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