Can you buy a VW Golf 8 R right now? We find out

Can you buy a VW Golf 8 R right now? We find out

The VW Golf 8 R – the Wolfsburg-based brand’s flagship premium hatchback – went on sale earlier this year, but units have been in short supply. So how and when can you get one? Ciro De Siena chats with dealers – and VWSA – to get some answers.

It’s been widely reported – and frustratingly understood by fans of the brand – that Volkswagen South Africa (VWSA) has had major supply issues with regard to distributing the 8th-generation Golf R.

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After finally announcing a list price for the model in April 2023, we’ve had comments from our audience… and the talk on social media seems to suggest that Golf 8 R units are actually not available.

We asked VWSA for comment and contacted some of its franchised dealers and, while the short answer to this question is “yes”, the long answer is a bit more complicated…

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