Cape Town on a R120 billion investment drive to improve the city

Cape Town on a R120 billion investment drive to improve the city

Authorities in Cape Town are embarking on a R120 billion investment in the city’s bulk infrastructure. It will focus on water and sanitation, housing, energy and transport in the coming decade.

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill Lewis has presented the city’s inaugural infrastructure report. He says the report shows exactly where the city’s infrastructure is currently lacking, with projects and plans to address and increase capacity.

According to the city’s projections, the metro’s population is expected to increase to 5,8 million people by 2040. Hill-Lewis says major investment over the medium to long term is a must in order to keep up with the pace of population growth.

”This is a ten-year look. It contains  R120 billion in planned infrastructure spending over the decade and it goes into really fine detail with maps, projects where they are going to be and we really hope this shows our commitment. To be honest about our problems, we know that there are major infrastructure pressures in Cape Town and the second part is what are we doing about it down to a project level,” says Hill-Lewis.


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