Carlex Creates X-Class Racing Green Monster

Carlex Creates X-Class Racing Green Monster


Polish automotive design firm, Carlex Design, has once again used the Mercedes-Benz X-Class as its muse, creating a Racing Green monster of note. Check it out! 

We have seen Carlex Design create some spectacular designs for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the X-Class, but this latest creation is perhaps the most striking of all. 

Yes, we know, the X-Class has failed spectacularly for the Stuttgart-based firm, but that hasn’t stopped Carlex from going all-out to create this green monster. The firm has officially called it the X-Class Racing Green for obvious reasons and it wears a carbon fibre body kit with flared wheel arches which give it a wide, purposeful stance. 

The body is painted in a Racing Green hue which was applied using a custom technique that showcases a hand-brushed pattern that blends with the carbon finish for a unique look. The vibrant green body is contrasted with white stripes running down the middle length of the vehicle. The chunky tyres also feature white lettering denoting ‘Carlex Design Racing Green’ and also add additional contrast against the green body. 

The interior is just as bold as the exterior featuring black and white combination upholstery with sport seats with green accents to match. The headliner is green too and the steering wheel features perforated leather and carbon fibre rim. Carbon fibre is also seen on the dashboard and on the door trim. The cabin is also dotted with ‘Racing Green’ lettering to remind you that this is no ordinary X-Class.

Do you like the look of this X-Class? 

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