Cele addresses political violence, intolerance in KwaZulu-Natal

Cele addresses political violence, intolerance in KwaZulu-Natal

South African Police Minister Bheki Cele has expressed concern about the ever-rising incidents of violence and political intolerance in KwaZulu-Natal, emphasizing the need for law enforcement agencies to address this issue urgently.

Minister Cele held a media briefing in Durban to provide updates on cases being investigated by the task team dedicated to addressing political killings. He revealed that since July 2018, the task team has been investigating 321 criminal dockets related to political violence in the province.

As of now, 348 suspects have been charged in connection with 233 cases, while 60 individuals have been convicted. These figures underscore the severity of the issue and the ongoing efforts to bring perpetrators to justice.

Police Minister Bheki Cele leads security briefing on political killings in KZN

Cele highlighted that the root causes of the violence are often linked to unstable coalition governments in the province. He noted, “Investigations by the task team have revealed that current tensions within and between political parties are due to the unstable coalition governments. When people fight over coalitions, it appears that in this province, it is the barrel of a gun that decides the outcome. Changes in mayors and other positions seem to be determined through the use of firearms.”

Political violence and intolerance have had a detrimental impact on communities and the democratic process in the region.

Cele assured the public that law enforcement agencies are committed to addressing these issues and maintaining peace and stability in KwaZulu-Natal. He also urged political parties and leaders to prioritise peaceful negotiations and democratic processes rather than resorting to violence as a means of achieving their goals.

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