Chiloane urges parents to desist from applying for school admissions at internet cafés

Chiloane urges parents to desist from applying for school admissions at internet cafés

Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane has discouraged the use of internet cafés when seeking to make an online application for a place at a school as parents or guardians can go to any school or district office for assistance.

The system has been mired in controversy for years with some learners not being placed when the school calendar year begins.

Chiloane says those applying can also go to local libraries or use one of the 80 decentralised walk-in centres for assistance.

“They’ll be located across the province. But majority, of course, will be in our township areas in our informal settlements, in hostels. We will have those working centres so that we can allow our parents to access in addition to this at decentralised working centres,” says Chiloane,

He says the department will have volunteers working to assist parents to apply.

“We have  47 libraries across the province, provincial government libraries and as well as other municipal libraries that we’re working with. Parents will be able to go in apply as well as all our district offices or head office will also serve as working centres, plus schools.”

Meanwhile, the Gauteng Department of Education also says it is concerned about the recurring challenges to learner safety, including stabbings and gangsterism.

Last Tuesday, a 16-year-old learner from Aha-Thuto Secondary School in Orange Farm allegedly stabbed a 17-year-old learner to death.

MEC Chiloane says they are working with law enforcement agencies and communities to ensure schools remain relatively stable, peaceful and disruption-free.

“It’s a very concerning matter for us. It shows that there is a lot that we need to be doing. We have been doing a lot of follow ups with law enforcement agents. These continue to be isolated incidents. However, it’s one too many, hence we will be profiling our learners so that we understand. We are urging schools if they have capacity to get a profiling of each learner. Get a counsellor to speak to learners,” says Chiloane.

MEC Matome Chiloane on Gauteng Online Admission process for 2024:

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