City of Joburg on drive to reclaim dilapidated buildings

City of Joburg on drive to reclaim dilapidated buildings

Johannesburg Transport MMC, Kenny Kunene, has emphasised the importance of efforts to reclaim dilapidated buildings in the metro.

Kunene was appointed as the City’s acting mayor for two days while Kabelo Gwamanda was away on official business.

Kunene says to have visited a number of “hijacked” buildings in the city, implying that authorities would evict residents from dilapidated properties.

“It is a very serious problem that needs specific attention. Here, you have all these buildings, and we are not collecting enough revenue. But if you can get these buildings back, renovate them, and put people in, you are going to get money from rates and taxes, electricity and water. A lot of buildings belong to JOSHCO. So, people have hijacked buildings of government.”

Meanwhile, the city’ MMC for Safety and Security, Dr Mgcini Tshwaku, has sought to explain the reasons behind the city’s intentions to raid dilapidated and hijacked buildings.

The city also intends on raiding scrap yards and buildings where drugs are believed to be sold.

Tshwaku says dilapidated buildings are unsafe for people to reside in.

“The buildings are non-compliant and the JOSHCO (Johannesburg Social Housing Company), which owns the building and is an entity of the city, wants to do some renovations. They can convert it into low-cost housing either for the community or the residents. So, that place is very bad, and it stinks inside. It is not good for human habitat.”

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