Clifton Beach “expropriated without compensation”


Residents of the various townships and informal settlements in and around Cape Town have always steered clear of beaches such as Clifton, regarded as “white beaches”.

Africans are known to be quite gregarious and the beach is seen as a perfect place to congregate to especially during holidays.

Clifton Beach has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons after a private security firm, PPA, allegedly hired by the City of Cape Town, evicted Black people from the beach. The act was widely condemned as racist.

Minister of Environmental Affairs, Nomvula Mokonyane, issued a stern warning to those who she said wanted to own what was in fact a state facility owned by all South Africans.

The youth responded to the call to “occupy Clifton” the best way they know how, by coming in their hundreds with loud music to boot.

Following hot on the heels of the furore surrounding the slaughtering of a sheep to “cleanse” the beach of racism, this latest occupation was seen by many as making a strong statement against those who feel that certain areas of the country are the exclusive preserve of a chosen few.

“We are here to show racists that we are citizens of this country with equal rights and access to all her amenities”, shouted one beach-goer.

Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town has threatened to criminally charge those who broke the city’s bylaws by slaughtering a sheep in a public space. HotNews has not been able to obtain any record of a case opened by the City.


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