Death of the red carpet

Death of the red carpet

But as veterans of the game toned down their personal style, it made way for newcomers who were more than ready to break the rules in a more democratised fame game. For one, Regina Hall didn’t have to play by the rules and went for many daring looks in the lead up to her 2018 Best Actress gong. While audiences traded workwear for tracksuits and uggs, Olivia Rodrigo captured the fun side of fashion with her trendy pumps and opera gloves.

As Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Bad Bunny and Emma Chamberlain cemented their hold on fashion’s pop culture, veterans like Kanye West continued their run and it’s all thanks to the new influential fashion space: fashion week.

While local fashion week events have become a home for top TikTokers, international ramps reflooded by the most influential figures. Wisdom Kaye has come to be the benchmark of TikTok style trends, shifting the focus from Shein hauls to restyled designer pieces. Shifting from YouTube to fashion events, Chamberlain cemented her meteoric rise by hosting the Met Gala for YouTube and Vogue.

Recently, Doja Cat’s red ensemble at the haute couture week, not only reignited the red trend of late 2022 but also paved way for a lot of positive fashion discourse around her subsequent looks. Statement Ts rarely turn heads if they aren’t done off red carpets, much like Hailey Bieber’s now famous nepo baby cropped top.

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