IEC officials are scanning and auditing the last tranche of ballots for finalisation.

PRETORIA – The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has confirmed that the final results of the local government elections will be announced at 6pm on Thursday evening.

Many are keeping close tabs on how seats are allocated in councils across the country.
The seat allocation determines the number of councillors that a single political party will have in council and ultimately determines their power base.

With 257 municipalities across the country, determining seat allocation is as arduous a task as the number-crunching that follows after election day.

All municipalities are divided into wards.
There are two types of councillors – ward and proportional representatives.

Determining a ward councillor is clear cut as they are the candidates who get the most votes on the ward ballot

PR councillors, on the other hand, are taken from a list submitted to the IEC by political parties and allocated to seats determined by a complex formula.

The total number of seats are divided equally between ward and PR representatives.

The PR system is meant to protect the interests of smaller parties who, even with a smaller share of the vote, will receive a seat as a result of the system. Independent candidates can, however, only run as ward councillors.

Among the functions of councillors is the duty to communicate the needs of the community to the municipal council and council processes to communities.

Meanwhile, the IEC said that one of the biggest lessons learned from the 1 November polls was to never attempt to do an election of this magnitude in 42 days

The IEC’s chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo: “If there’s any advice we want to give to any election management body anywhere else in the world, our advice would be: don’t do it. It’s dangerous and it may lead to disputes which may be very difficult to resolve.”

The electoral commission added that it had received over 80 objections so far, mainly regarding the outcome of the election results.

IEC commissioner Mosotho Moepya: “They concern any process that would involve or is going to potentially alter the outcomes of an election or one of those complaints was resolved but someone remains aggrieved on it. That’s really what we’re dealing with.”

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