Enyobeni tavern owners back in court

Enyobeni tavern owners back in court

The trial of the Enyobeni tavern owners is expected to resume in the East London Regional Court in the Eastern Cape on Tuesday. The case follows the death of 21 minors at the tavern in June last year.

Siyakhangela and Vuyokazi Ndevu are facing charges related to allowing underage patrons into their establishment and selling alcohol to them.

The court is expected to hear testimonies from more state witnesses after hearing the testimony of the first state witness Mncedisi Kwinana earlier this month.

Kwinana, a resident at Scenery Park nearby Enyobeni Tavern, told the court that as neighbours, they had sleepless nights on weekends due to the noise happening at the crowded Enyobeni tavern.

He said the tavern operated even beyond trading hours and the patrons would use his toilet without his permission and sometimes they would urinate outside his house and leave empty bottles of alcohol.

Kwinana told the court that the owners were arrogant about the matter and did not seek to resolve it.

Today, the state will is expected to call two witnesses from the Eastern Cape Liquor board to take the stand.

In the report below, the previous court appearance of the tavern owners: 

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