Experienced Baroka manager leaves to join Chippa United


Morgan Mammila has jumped the Baroka FC ship that he has captained for years to join PE-based Chippa United at a time when his new club languishes deep within the relegation zone.

HotNews sat down with the likeable but stern football administrator and posed some tough questions.

HN: Chippa Mpengesi is known as a hands-on Chairman. How do you plan to ensure that you’re able to stamp your mark without interference?

MM: All Chairmen are hands on in their teams . This is their daily business they need to know what is going on.

HN: He is also known to be trigger-happy. Are you not scared that you may be fired anytime?

MM: From what I have observed from him, he is a winner. He dreams big . He is just like me.

HN: What is your vision for the club and have you put in place any plans to achieve that vision?

MM: This is a team that is on the lips of everyone in South African Football with lots of supporters. This team will be one of the big brands in SA. There are lot of good things about the team that are not known because of the negativity . There will be changes from now onwards.

HN: What is the duration of the contract you’ve signed?

MM: I will work here until I achieve my objectives.

HN: You’ve been with Baroka for a long time. What was the feeling of the club when you announced your departure?

MM: Baroka FC was like a university for me . I have learned a lot from Mr Khurishi Mphahlele. He is both disappointed and happy that I’m leaving. He regards me like his brother . His words when I told him the news were “You will be always welcome back here should anything go wrong”

HN: What is the one immediate task at the club that you would consider most crucial?

MM: My focus is to save the status of the team in the Premiership and build a strong team that will compete for honors. Watch the space . I am not a messiah but I believe in what I do.


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