Fancy a flight for R9? Here’s how to give yourself the best chance on Safair’s annual mega sale

Fancy a flight for R9? Here’s how to give yourself the best chance on Safair’s annual mega sale


The date for when the sale will take place or how many tickets will be sold has not yet been announced. 

“You guessed it; our Lucky R9 sale is on its way. We can’t tell you exactly when, but we can say you should be prepared so you don’t miss out. Luckily, we’ll be giving you a few tips over the next few days to get you ready. Keep your eyes glued to our social pages,” said FlySafair. 


Have a game plan

Know where you want to go and roughly when. It is always good to be flexible but being too flexible can lead to being indecisive, and if you snooze, you lose. Have a few options and narrow them down as needed.

Have your details already on site or your card nearby

“Want to book those R9 flights even faster? Create a profile on our website before the sale. This means you can pre-load your traveller information, save your card details and enjoy speedier payments.”

If you don’t have your details on site, make sure you have your card nearby and fast fingers. The internet is filled with horror stories of people who had chosen a flight and were excited, only to find when paying it had been snatched from under them.

“Tickets are not held when selected. Only successful payment reserves a ticket. If many people are looking at the same tickets, only the first person who successfully completes payment will get those tickets,” said FlySafair. 

Log in early and get others involved

Based on previous sales, it is also advised to log in early, use multiple devices if possible and create a “booking” WhatsApp group to have multiple people in the queue at the same time and briefed on what tickets to get when they are in.

Be patient

The sale will continue until the last of the allocated R9 tickets are sold. Often that takes hours. Most of that time you will be waiting in the queue, so relax and don’t refresh the page.

“Users on the website will need to start their purchase journey before their sessions expire. Once a user completes a purchase or their session expires, they will be redirected to the waiting room again.”


Many took to Twitter to express how hopeful they are about getting tickets.

Here is a snapshot of some reactions: 

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