Ford EcoSport Long Term Test – What is it like to live with?

Ford EcoSport Long Term Test – What is it like to live with?

Spending an extended time with a car often brings to light more than what a regular test would. We got the chance to spend 3 months with the outgoing Ford EcoSport. What’s it like to live with? Watch the video!

The Ford EcoSport might be nearing the end of its time on sale new in South Africa, but it will still be available on the used car market for many years to come.

So, is it a good buy and what other cars might you consider if you’re in the market for a compact SUV? In this video, our host Ciro De Siena takes you through vital information such as fuel efficiency, safety tech as well as the practicality of the EcoSport.

Considering a used Ford EcoSport? Read our in-depth buyer’s guide, which examines the long-running crossover’s history in SA, outlines its strengths and weaknesses, and looks at what you can expect to pay on the used market…

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