‘Gloria Bosman still had so much to give’

‘Gloria Bosman still had so much to give’

Close friends of the late jazz great, Gloria Bosman, say they are still reeling in shock.

Bosman died on Tuesday following a short illness. Radio broadcaster and friend, Nothemba Madumo, visited the family home in Pimville, Soweto.

She says Bosman’s passing is traumatising because it was unexpected.

“It’s very scary because it was short, all of a sudden it was unexpected, it’s very sad and traumatizing. Also at such a young age when she still had so much to give with all that she has given. Not only with her talent and music, but also as a person, how viby she was. How she was always laughing and everything for her was a joy to do, a joy to share. She was a very generous, beautifully spirited human being.”

VIDEO | Gloria Bosman’s final note:

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