Government to brief media on UAE President’s current visit

Government to brief media on UAE President’s current visit

The government will this afternoon brief the media in Pretoria on the action it plans to take on the United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed current visit to Eastern Cape.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan’s huge entourage landed at the Bulembu Airport last week, for Ramadan celebrations.

He is expected to spend two weeks at a private game resort reported to have been built from scratch after buying a big piece of land.

A few days ago, President Cyril Ramaphosa said ministers owed the people of South Africa an explanation on the permission that the UAE President was granted to land in the province.

UAE paid to refurbish Bhisho Airport runway: Public Service Commission EC

On Wednesday, President Ramaphosa said the cabinet ministers who facilitated the visit of the President UAE, to South Africa, will give details about the visit.

The plane carrying the leader of the UAE and 500 passengers, landed at the Bulembu Airport near Bhisho in the Eastern Cape last week.

Questions have been raised on whether the passengers complied with the immigration laws of the country and if goods that were brought into the country were declared.

Ramaphosa said, “The landing of a plane from the UAE, the various processes were followed and that they are going to be explained by the various ministers who have been involved in this whole process of the visit by the President of the UAE and the landing of the plane in Bulembu Airport in the Eastern Cape.”

Controversy of visit by UAE President to Eastern Cape: Zuko Godlimpi

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