Graves burn in Khayelitsha


In what has been described by residents as gross lack of care for the dignity of areas inhabited by Africans within the city of Cape Town, hundreds of graves were burnt by a runaway fire believed to have been started by a candle left on a grave as a family ritual on New Year’s Day.

The security guards on duty, whose names cannot be revealed due to fear of reprisals, confirmed to HotNews that they had seen the fire as it started and informed their superiors who, in turn, notified the relevant city officials.

“The fire burned and died down after several hours on its own without any fire engine arriving.”, said one resident who lives close to the cemetery.

Distraught relatives arrived the next day to the painful sight of family graves burnt and headstones broken off from their anchors.

The city of Cape Town could not be reached for comment at the time of writing.


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