Grieving families of Limpopo bus crash victims want government intervention

Grieving families of Limpopo bus crash victims want government intervention

The families of the 21 people who died in the N1 bus crash near Louis Trichardt, in Limpopo province, say they are trying to come to terms with their loss.

A woman and her two children are among the deceased. A school learner also perished in the crash.

The families asked Deputy Minister of Transport, Sindisive Chikunga to intervene. On Wednesday, they met Chikunga at the Dzanani Community Hall in Nzhelele at Louis Trichardt.

“We are very hurt by what happened the person who perished is my sister’s husband and he was the breadwinner at home and we are appealing to the government to assist us to take care of the children. I am very hurt I am asking the government to ensure that proper roads are built to avoid similar situations in the future.”

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The Department of Transport says it will send a team to inspect the condition of the fleet of Limpopo Bus Company.

Survivors tell a tale of continuous disregard for human life and the rules of the road.

“Is this company only happy to just take money from people? Even if I go back in my mind those at the weigh bridge will release even the worst scrap of a bus it will somehow just get through officials. We are now scared of buses,” explains one survivor.

Other survivors narrate their dissatisfaction with the operations of the bus company. Transport authorities say that they will launch a probe into the bus company. Local municipal authorities say the survivors’ revelations are news to them.

Authorities say that some have indicated that burials will take place from Friday until Sunday following engagements with some families of the deceased.

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