Holly Rey talks acting debut and her ultimate location for a girl’s trip

Holly Rey talks acting debut and her ultimate location for a girl’s trip

YouTube is quickly becoming a favoured avenue for creatives to showcase their talents. Other than long-form video essays or viral trends, content creators on the platform look to fictional movies and series. One of those is the local comedy, The Girl’s Trip. The series follows a group of six friends who plan a trip to Cape Town. Drama ensues as they jump hurdles to make their much-needed holiday happen.

The series is a women-by-women production starring a number of creatives, including recently crowned winner of The Masked Singer Holly Rey in her acting debut.

“I was a little bit nervous about it because I’m a singer. I haven’t really acted before but I was really excited to try something new and different.”

Known as “The Sparkly Besties”, Holly is the fun-girl in the clique. After she had been given a script for the character’s direction, Holly helped develop more details to nuance her. This included her behaviour based on being a newly married young woman with a love of the “soft life”. She would even wear a gigantic ring to The Girl’s Trip set to capture her character’s boisterous energy.

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