“I wrote my matric 4 times!”, says 23yr old who wanted a Bachelor pass at all costs


Sandiso Gladile, 23, of Ntlalukana Village, Ngcobo passed his matric in 2014 with a Diploma pass. His family celebrated the pass. But he was not happy. He wanted a Bachelor pass.

So he went back to school full time in 2015 and wrote again at the end of that year. He still obtained a Diploma pass. Still not happy, he did the same in 2016 with the same result.

All those around him, including his family, saw him as a fool for his attempts. The criticism took its toll and drove him to suicidal depression. In 2017, he decided to take a break due to the negative comments.

“A lot of people discouraged me. I would see people I was with in high school graduating. My parents discouraged me, saying I should do something else, maybe something that will not require a Bachelor. No one was on my side. 2016, in Cape Town, I was thinking about my situation and I thought of drowning myself. I think I was depressed. I had a low self esteem. Nobody understood me. I was isolated.

2nd born of 4 kids. In 2016, the 3rd born was starting at university, UWC and that made things worse. My mother is a nurse and father is in the taxi industry. 2018, I decided to go back to school. I want to be a teacher and nothing will stop me from achieving that dream!”, said the young man.

By the end of 2017 the desire to strive for a Bachelor pass hit him again, much stronger than before and at the beginning of 2018 he again registered as a full time learner.

“I am really pleased that after all I’ve been through, the embarrassment of having to do matric four times, I have finally managed to pass matric with a Bachelor pass”, announced the elated Gladile.

He further spoke with wisdom as he sent words of encouragement to those who failed, “Never give up on your dreams. Never settle for second best. I am a living example that no matter how hard it is, when you want something strongly enough you win!”


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