King Charles’ coronation: What to expect and where to watch in South Africa

King Charles’ coronation: What to expect and where to watch in South Africa


The ceremony will feature 12 new works, which Charles commissioned or selected, including a new coronation anthem by musical theatre impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Along with the new, there will be the usual trumpet fanfare and music which has been historically used at coronations over the last four centuries.

Perhaps the most notable is “Zadok the Priest” which was composed by George Frideric Handel as a coronation anthem for King George II in 1727 and has been sung at every one since. Soccer fans might recognise the famous tune as the Uefa Champions League anthem.


The key moment of the ceremony will be when Charles, sitting on a coronation chair dating back more than 700 years, is given regalia from bejewelled orbs and sceptres to swords and a ring.

The culmination sees the 360-year-old St Edward’s Crown, weighing 2.2kg and a replacement for an original dating back to the 11th Century, placed onto Charles’ head by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

“It is the most blingy way of signing your job contract,” said royal historian, Prof Kate Williams.

“The big moment, the big photograph moment, the big moment that everyone’s going to be talking about, making memes of, making TikToks of, that’s when the king is crowned, when the king has the crown put on his head”.

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