Large number of arrests around Durban during festive season


More than 560 people, who were driving under the influence of alcohol, have been arrested at roadblocks in the Durban metro over the festive season. It is a significant reduction compare to the close to 6000 people arrested for the same offence in 2017.

The motorists appeared in court and some paid their bail. Durban Metro Police spokesperson, Parboo Sewpersad says they have noticed an increase in the number of people being arrested at roadblocks.

“What we have noticed is a trend for these drivers that they are trying to swop over drivers just before the road block, both drivers were arrested. Both the person who tried to swop and the original driver are being arrested,” says Sewpersad.

Meanwhile, the Durban Metro Police have issued 26 000 notices for the contravention of by-laws and traffic offences over the festive period. This includes taxi drivers who were arrested for overloading their vehicles.

Sewpersad says overloaded taxis are a big problem.

“Yesterday there was an incident in the Chatsworth area where 38 people were in a taxi that was supposed to be carrying 14 people and several taxis in the Chatsworth area were charged for overloading after a roadblock that was conducted in the Chatsworth area.”

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