Late warrant officer Vuyo Mdi commended for his love for education

Late warrant officer Vuyo Mdi commended for his love for education

Warrant officer Vuyo Mdi has been commended for his love for education. 50-year-old Mdi has been laid to rest in Bloemfontein.

Mdi met his untimely death in the early hours of Sunday morning on the N1 stretch near Winburg.

He was performing his duty as a VIP protector to the late Free State Education MEC Dr Tate Makgoe when the car they were travelling on hit cows.

His uncle Thambo Mdi say he was a principled a man.

“He is passionate about education. He influenced his nephew because as close family, we call him uncle. He would assist neighbours whenever we are gathered. (He) would go to the young ones and ask them about how they are doing at school,” he says.

Free State MEC for Police Roads, William Bulwane, says Warrant Officer Vuyo Mdi did his job diligently under the South African Police Service.

Bulwane says Mdi’s death will not be in vain.

Bulwane was amongst dignitaries who attended the funeral.

“We are so disturbed and feel pains in our hearts to bury such a young (man), in a sense of outlook, but old in the sense of age. So, it’s pain we’ll never forget to bury such a humble, soft spoken individual, but a hardworker who did his job diligently.”

VIDEO: Makgoe described as a humble and brilliant person:


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