Latest crime stats show increase in murders on farms

Latest crime stats show increase in murders on farms

Fourteen murders have taken place on farms in the period from 1 April to July 30 this year.

Police top brass are briefing Parliament’s Police Portfolio Committee on the crime statistics.

SAPS Major General Norman Sekhukhune says in the same period last year, the figure stood at ten.

He explains how the figure rose to 14.

“Four were employees, 5 that were attacked were farmers, four of people that were murdered were farm dwellers and one was a visitor.”

Sekhukhune says the murder rate for the period from 1 April to June 30 has dropped by just under 200 or 3% compared to the same time last year.

More than 6 200 people were murdered during this time, but last year’s quarter had over 6 400.

He says there is also a reduction in sexual offences.

“For the current quarter, reduced murder of 196 counts is 3.1% reduction. Sexual offences 239, it’s a 2.0% decrease. Attempted murder up 393, assault GBH (grievous bodily harm) increased [to] 2586, common assault increase [to] 2892,” adds Sekhukhune.

The video below is the live stream:

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