MAKEOVER | This small mismatched bathroom is now a chic spa-like space

MAKEOVER | This small mismatched bathroom is now a chic spa-like space

She also worked with a neutral colour palette.

At the homeowner’s request a washable pure white paint was used on the bathroom walls, while an anti-slip version of the granite tiles used on the shower walls were used on the floor to create a seamless look.

Their pale grey colour is complemented by the ashen colour of the cabinet under the basin which was made to measure from high-pressure laminate.

“The advantage of this material is high water resistance,” explains Kroupová.

This scheme was carried over into the separate toilet next to the bathroom.

In it, the homeowner invested in modern sanitary ware: a wall-hung toilet and buttons with a double flush volume which can be interrupted by pressing the smaller one. This technology can reduce water consumption by up to 50%.

The uniform effect of both spaces is enhanced by the use of black accents throughout.


A made-to-measure wall of glass screens the shower from the rest of the bathroom in this design.

Kroupová says this type of custom solution “pays off when you need an atypical dimension or when you are rebuilding the bathroom from the ground up and it is necessary to precisely fit floor to ceiling”.

“The glass must be tempered for safety. In case of breakage it will shatter similarly as in a car, and should preferably have a surface treatment to protect against limescale,” she says.

“Of course, a tailor-made variant always works out more expensive than one bought from the shop.”

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