Mantashe says environmental NGOs block development in SA

Mantashe says environmental NGOs block development in SA

“I was quite excited when I heard (DA MP James) Lorimer taking an interest in the development in Namibia and the only thing that he didn’t mention was that some of the companies that are making discoveries in Namibia were chased away here because we want to be a small, clean space in a world that is developing.”

He said three discoveries of oil have been made in Namibia and the companies were looking for the fourth and were drilling 10 wells of oil.

“On our side where those deposits are stretching, we can’t, because we’ve given environmentalists veto power over development. It’s something that we must look at, we must amend our legislation if needs be because we must pursue development.”

Mantashe saidprotracted litigation emanating from these processes hurt South Africa’s economic development. 

Mantashe quoted Swedish sociologist Richard Swedberg’s argument on the role of the law in the economic sociology of capitalism, and the development of growth in the markets: “Law is typically part of the political machinery … One reason for this is that law introduces an extra layer … between political decisions and their execution … the state can influence the economy through regulation …” 

“Therefore, ours cannot be a mere regulatory framework that reverses the gains of our hard-won liberty,” said Mantashe.

In recent years, NGOs have gone to court to challenge, among others, Shell’s seismic blasting on the Wild Coast to survey for oil and gas deposits.



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