Maxlider Brothers create four-door custom Ford Bronco

The iconic Ford Bronco will making its return to the road in 2020, however it won’t be coming to South Africa. To celebrate its revival, the custom builder Maxlider Brothers has created this unique four-door open-top Bronco based on the first-generation model.

The four-door Bronco has been fitted with a 500 kW Roush supercharged 5,0-litre Coyote V8 and a modern six-speed manual gearbox delivering power to the solid front and rear axles. The drivetrain parts were supplied by Yukon Gear and Axle. Extra off-roading mechanical parts were provided by the specialists of Currie Enterprises and Wildhorses 4×4. Centech, EPAS and MPT Custom Tunes are among the other component suppliers for this project.

Inside, the Bronco gets tan leather upholstery for all six seats along with a wooden steering wheel and Maxlider-branded rubber carpeting with a purple hue provided by some ambient lighting. The cabin is encased in a sturdy roll cage that covers the front and middle passengers. In addition to providing an extra layer of safety, the roll cage also hosts some of the speakers for the sound system.

While it’s a work in progress, the four-door Bronco has already taken the stage at events such as SEMA back in 2017 where it claimed some impressive awards in the truck and off-road category such as Gran Turismo’s best 4×4 of SEMA.

For a more in-depth look at the four-door Bronco build together with some other Bronco-themed projects you can have a look at Maxlider Brothers Customs YouTube channel.

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Nikesh Kooverjee

Journalist for CAR Magazine since 2015. These days, you’ll find me reporting on modified cars or electric mobility more than ever…

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