North West seeks solutions to address unemployment rate

North West seeks solutions to address unemployment rate

The North West Provincial Executive Council has voiced deep concern over the alarming unemployment rate plaguing the province, which currently stands at a staggering 53%.

The Council is actively engaged in discussions and efforts to find solutions to this pressing issue in collaboration with various stakeholders.

The Council convened its meeting in Klerksdorp, where they deliberated on strategies to address the province’s economic challenges. This meeting comes on the heels of the recent BRICS Summit held in Johannesburg, during which member countries of the bloc pledged their support to assist South Africa in dealing with a range of pressing issues, including the energy crisis.

Head of Communications for the province, Brian Setswambung, emphasised the significance of the decisions made at the BRICS Summit, stating, “The South African government has returned from the BRICS Summit, and the decisions taken there are crucial for both the province and the country as a whole.”

In an effort to harness this momentum and attract potential investors, the province organised a dedicated session with interested parties. Setswambung revealed, “During this session, the province engaged with potential investors and explored opportunities for investment within the region.”

The outcome of this engagement was notably positive, with investors expressing a keen interest in investing in the North West Province. To further advance these discussions and solidify investment commitments, the province has scheduled a follow-up dinner session with investors on September 15th.
This session is expected to provide a platform for in-depth conversations on how these potential investors can actively contribute to the province’s economic growth and, in turn, alleviate the staggering unemployment rate.

The North West Provincial Executive Council remains committed to seeking sustainable solutions to combat unemployment and boost economic development within the province.

Story by: Tsholofelo Mogami

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