Ntabankulu toddler follows granddad to veld, now missing


By Zolile Menzelwa

Ntabankulu police are requesting the assistance of the public in tracing baby Ndibulele Msuthu, aged 1-year-7-months.

Ntabankulu police spokesperson warrant officer Zilungile Nkamba said the infant followed his grandfather while the latter went to fetch cattle from the grazing veld.

“Unfortunately the grandfather did (not) notice the grandson following him until he came back. It was then that he started to think that the grandson must have followed him and got lost in the process,” Nkamba said.

He said an enquiry docket has been opened for investigation while a task team has been formulated to look into the matter. Anyone with information is requested to contact lieutanant colonel Sidinana Lindani on 079-896-8173.


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