Parents urged to support their children


Psychologists have called on parents to support their children and not pressurise them by stressing their expectation of high marks. This as matriculants all over South Africa count down the hours before the results are released.

Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, is set to officially announce the 2018 matric exam results in Johannesburg later on Thursday. The results will be available to the anxious matriculants from midnight.

Psychologist Jeremy Bayer explains how parents should react in cases which their children do not get the desired results.

“Whether the mark is good or not no impulsive decision straight away. So let’s say hypothetically the mark isn’t the desired one. No impulsive decisions straight away cos when you in that frame of mind don’t jump to conclusions. Let the person breathe and just talk it out, then a week or two later then start planning and talking so you can go back to your school and say can I get a remark or do a supplementary. Talk about the schools where you can do your matric again. Also so what are your goals in the first place although this is your mark so you at least guided into the right direction. Persistent positive talk of we’ll get through this and boosting their self -esteem and self confidence is important. ”

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