Prime leaves ‘after taste’ in SA’s mouth

Prime leaves ‘after taste’ in SA’s mouth

Parents and teenagers braced long queues on Monday to stock up on a popular international sports drink Prime Hydration. However, some seem unimpressed with the taste.  

Checkers recently announced the sale of Prime Hydration at its stores nationwide for R40. This is a significant price drop from the R800 advertised a few weeks ago, and it sold out at some outlets.

Many shared pictures and videos on social media of snaking queues filled with customers impatient to buy the drink. 

People who bought the drink shared their reviews on social media answering the question “what is the hype over Prime?“. 

One social media user said the drink had a sweet after taste, adding that the tropical punch flavour tested like Panado syrup. The user said Oros drink was better than the Prime drink. 

A TikTok content creator said the drinks was not that bad and the ice pop flavour tasted the best when compared to the blue raspberry and tropical punch flavour. 

According to Prime, the energy drink variant contains 200mg of caffeine in each 355ml serving. It’s not recommended for children under the age of 18, pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine.  

“Prime Hydration and Prime Hydration and Sticks are caffeine-free,” it said. 

 Here is how some people reacted: 

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