Qunu families identify bodies following fatal shooting

Qunu families identify bodies following fatal shooting

Families are identifying the bodies of the seven people who were found piled up on top of each other at Qunu in the Eastern Cape.

Community members woke up to the news that ten people were shot and killed in separate incidents in the area. Three bodies were found in Thantseka village while seven other bodies were discovered in Bhityi.

Local Chief, Bhovulengwe Mtirara, has alleged that the incidents are drug-related.

“The owner of this homestead heard gunshots just before 12 midnight, she couldn’t go and look at what was happening. Then in the morning, she went and looked at the room of her grandson and found out that there are bodies lying on top of each other.”

Mtirara says that the community was then mobilsed and the matter was reported to the police.  He says that they heard from the young people in the community that it is drug-related.

“They are fighting about [over] the price and territory,” adds Mtirara.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, eight people were killed and three others injured during a mass shooting at a birthday party in Gqeberha.

The video below is reporting more on the Gqeberha shooting:

Original Story by www.sabcnews.com


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