R1.4 mln spent on private jet to bring back Bester and Magudumana

R1.4 mln spent on private jet to bring back Bester and Magudumana

The cost of procuring a private jet to bring the fugitive pair of Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha Magudumana back to South Africa was R1.4 million. This is according to Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

Motsoaledi updated Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs on developments around the convicted killer and rapist.

Bester and Magudumana were arrested in Tanzania and deported to South Africa, last week. Motsoaledi says they travelled in a private jet upon the insistence of the Tanzanian authorities and the cheapest option was taken.

The minister added that one of the ways for the fugitive pair to end up there, was through the help of a high-ranking civil servant to go through border posts.

“There are companies that responded, the last company was cheapest at R1.4 million, it was cheapest of all, never wanted luxury flight as everybody said. It was cheapest flight we could get. That is how the 14 people could go and they came back. Two possibilities that I think it could be; one they jumped fences from here to Tanzania and remember they were on their way to Kenya so that is how they managed. They were just jumping fences or number two is that a high ranking official may have facilitated their passing because we don’t only rely on getting a stamp in passport but it’s also the movement control system that they managed to dodge,” says Motsoaledi.

Original Story by www.sabcnews.com


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