Rabada launches academy to groom next generation of fast bowlers

Rabada launches academy to groom next generation of fast bowlers

South African fast bowler Kagiso Rabada is ploughing back to the community.

He recently launched the academy in conjunction with his domestic franchise team, the Lions, which aims to assist the next generation of fast bowlers through specialised coaching, training and support.

The main aim of the academy is to develop and inspire fast bowling talent throughout South Africa by opportunities through expert advice, resources and facilities.

The academy will differ from others because its aim is to impart a holistic approach of what it means to be a professional bowler and athlete in current times.

Rabada says South Africa has a rich history of producing top fast bowlers and the talent pipeline must continue to produce more.

Lions fast bowler Rabada says, “If you look at South Africa, the country has a rich vein of history when it comes to fast bowling. It’s my passion to give back and I am doing my part to set it up for the next generation.”

A group of more than 20 fast bowling prospects, between the ages of 16 and 21, received first-hand training with Rabada and Lions coaches.

The youngsters got a valuable feedback on their run-ups, accuracy and overall technique.

Rabada says being a top bowler requires many aspects including being disciplined, mentally and physically fit.

“There [are] many aspects to it, especially when you reach professional level. It’s mental, it’s nutritional, sports and conditioning and medical, that’s what makes you a professional player. Those are aspects you need, you must ignite and enjoy that feeling of running, that’s the biggest part,” adds Rabada.

The academy will focus on things like strength and conditioning, nutrition, technical bowling and medical consultation.

The young talents will also be exposed to soft off-field skills, management and agent advice as well as career guidance.

Lions Cricket CEO Jono Leaf-Wright says Radaba has a passion for nurturing up and coming bowlers.

“Those that know KG [Kagiso] know he has a desire to produce the next top bowlers to be a pioneer in producing the next talent. This is a vision that has been brought to light because of his desire to produce and be the pioneer in developing that talent,” adds Leaf-Wright.-Reporting by Vincent Sitsula

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