SA Army tries to muddle through financial difficulties

SA Army tries to muddle through financial difficulties

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) says it is adjusting and restructuring to maintain full functionality even under current budget constraints.

Due to budget cuts, the SANDF’s ability to pay staff and operate normally has been called into question for the past three years. Thus, layoffs, reduced work days for reservists, and a cap on annual raises are among other adjustments made to reduce military expenditure.

Video: Armed Forces Day I The state of SANDF

Army spokesperson, Brigadier General Andries Mokoena Mahapa confirms that their funding is constantly declining on an annual basis.

However, Mahapa says the SANDF’s budget struggles do not affect or hinder staff payments.

“For the past years, no military personnel has complained that they have not received their salary or payment, the budget is low but we are doing what we can with what is allocated to us,” Mahapa explains.

The Armed Forces Day parade, which featured military personnel and their artillery, was held in Richards Bay on KwaZulu-Natal’s north coast, on Tuesday. The event was a commemoration of the death of over 600 black South African troops who died on the SS Mendi when it collided with the steamship, Darro in the English Channel.


The troops were to be deployed to the frontlines of the First World War in France.

Mahapa has assured South Africans that they are more than capable to protect the country and also participate in peacekeeping missions across Africa.


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