Seven expert tips to help you avoid fong kongs

Seven expert tips to help you avoid fong kongs

Counterfeit goods are seriously undermining the fashion industry. Most recently, two suspects were arrested in Gauteng for selling R6m in goods, purportedly from designer brands such as Gucci and Chanel.

While most consumers think they’re pretty nifty at identifying knock-offs, it is estimated that 70% have unknowingly bought a fake. 

While the great resignation, pandemic, and financial woes are more than enough to inspire many to penny pinch, luxury goods are still in high demand.

According to co-founder and luxury goods authenticator of Luxity, Michael Zahariev, the thrill of buying high-end goods can stem from the aspirational symbolism they hold.

“They want to look the part and feel the part. That’s what drives it a lot.”

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