Some of Manamela’s Life Esidimeni evidence could be rejected

 Some of Manamela’s Life Esidimeni evidence could be rejected

Lawyers representing some NGO’s and families of the deceased Life Esidimeni mentally-ill patients say some of the evidence of the former head of the Gauteng Mental Health Services , Dr. Mmakgabo Manamela in the High Court in Pretoria could be rejected.

They challenged Manamela’s testimony during cross-examination.

Manamela has been accused of being reckless for failing to closely monitor the mass relocation of patients from Life Esidimeni facilities in June 2016.

Budgetary constraints prompted the relocation of 114 patients who died during after the process.

Advocate Tlou Phihlelam, who represented some of the NGO’s that accommodated scores of patients, says, “Now, we are going to argue that your version be rejected and that the version of these four witnesses be taken or accepted as unchallenged to the extent that your version contradicts theirs.”

Manamela responded by saying, “There’s nothing I can do if they decide to take that route, but the truth will remain.”

VIDEO: Last year, Manamela said most patients were relocated to Pretoria:

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