Surprise! Early flyers get jazzy with laughs, flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s

Surprise! Early flyers get jazzy with laughs, flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s

Sombre faces stood in line at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport waiting to board the first flight out to Cape Town.

But then pre-coffee frowns turned to smiles as Kiki from Lift Airline and a team from Proudly South Africa chanted “happy Valentine’s Day” while handing out roses to passengers.

One passenger said “I forgot that it’s Valentine’s Day”. Another passenger looked at her husband and said “you didn’t even get me anything”.

The gesture was lost on some of the grey-haired businessmen who declined a rose, but not all. One man who gladly accepted a yellow rose looked surprised and said “Ngiyabonga”. Another man who was fully in the spirit of love especially requested a red rose.

Comedian and TV personality Mongezi “Tol Ass Mo” Mahlangu and his wife Momo were also on the flight. Wearing a red satin suit with a red faux fur coat, Momo beamed as she received a flower. Mahlangu joked, “I can’t allow another man to give my wife flowers.” Grabbing another rose, the television personality went down on one knee and handed Momo a red rose before kissing her.

Once in the air, passengers were handed chocolates.

After croissants and coffee were served, while cruising at an altitude of 36,000 feet, saxophonist Cathy Del Mei serenaded passengers with her rendition of Freshly Ground’s Dooby Do, followed by Baby Tjoklits and Mango Groove’s Special Star.

Hyping passengers Tol Ass Mo walked down the aisle singing along and roasting some passengers, in true comedic style.

If comedy doesn’t work out for Tol Ass Mo he’s got a job at matchmaking or exposing cheating. In what became an impromptu comedy show after introducing Del Mei, he got some passengers who were strangers to hug while joking with others about flying to Cape Town without their partners. He ended his performance by shouting “I love you Miss sexy Momo”.

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