Surprise! Score a mystery plant every month with this cool subscription box

Surprise! Score a mystery plant every month with this cool subscription box


Each month, subscribers received a “surprise” package containing a new plant, plant care info and some sort of plant-related gift.

De la Rouviere tells us more:

What was your inspiration and motivation behind this unique concept?

When I became a part of the plant community, I noticed that many people were eager to share their plant hobby with other people. You can see this in the way plant swaps have become more popular and social media accounts dedicated to people’s personal collections have begun to pop up.

I wanted to help connect the community in a more meaningful way. It helped that I love gifting and plants, and so these three cornerstones – community, plants and gifting – turned into this beautiful idea of a plant subscription box.

What would you say is the most fulfilling part of the Plant Club initiative for you?

People opening their box, not knowing what’s in it and loving the gifts that have been put together.

Plants can be tricky for some to grow. Do you offer some support and guidance for your Plant Club members?

Definitely! Members can either e-mail us or they can communicate with our experts on our Facebook group. Once you’ve subscribed to the Plant Club, you are automatically accepted onto the group and we have a great space where people can ask for advice, learn more and connect with one another.

You have many indoor plants. Any tips on how to keep them happy and healthy?

Simply try to become more aware of them. If you battle, put them in spaces that you use often (next to the sink or your bed) so that each day you can notice if anything has changed. That and try avoid overwatering them – it’s the number one killer of plants.

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