Tom Hanks, Michelle Obama: Celebs are taking audiobook market by storm

Tom Hanks, Michelle Obama: Celebs are taking audiobook market by storm


For instance, Penguin Random House Audio has enlisted a record-breaking number of 166 narrators to record the audio adaptation of George Saunders’ Booker Prize-winning Lincoln in the Bardo.

Among them were A-list talent such as Ben Stiller, Don Cheadle, Rainn Wilson, Julianne Moore, Megan Mullally, David Sedaris, Keegan-Michael Key and Nick Offerman.

“I love the idea that by casting actors and non-actors. We were able to simulate that ‘I hear America singing’ notion,” Saunders said of the award-winning audiobook, which he also narrated.

More recently, Audible has enlisted award-winning British writer Dirk Maggs to direct the first-ever audio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, which will be narrated by the author himself alongside a star-dubbed cast.

Academy Award-winning composer and musician James Hannigan is also involved in the multi-part original audio drama series, whose first installment will be released on July 15.

“Almost 30 years ago, Dirk Maggs approached DC about adapting The Sandman into audio form. It didn’t happen (although it was how Dirk and I first crossed paths) and I’m glad it didn’t happen, because we are in a Golden Age of audio drama right now, and Dirk and I are much better at what we are doing,” Gaiman said of the project in a statement.

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