‘Too much’ debate around the land issue‚ says Jacob Zuma on Twitter


Zuma charged that history revealed that after the Berlin Conference (in 1884-85)‚ white people came to SA and took the land from the indigenous people.

Moreover‚ said Zuma‚ freedom would not be complete until those who had been dispossessed of their land regained what they had lost.

“The ills of the black people in South Africa‚ the bigger portions of it‚ emanate from the land dispossession. You solve the problem of the land‚ you will solve the poverty in this country‚ inequalities and the economic issues‚” said Zuma.

“We are not saying those who own the land must not own the land. We are saying those who own huge stretches of land must share it with those who are indigenous and owned this land before.”

Zuma compared SA with European countries‚ claiming that in developed countries land was owned by the state and leased to private individuals.

“I have become more convinced that the drafters of the Freedom Charter were more advanced than us because they talked about the nationalisation of the land and that is what developed countries do‚” he said.

“No land is sold to individuals because land is an important resource to the nation. That is my feeling about the issue of the land. We are discussing it too much for my liking.”

Original Story by www.sowetanlive.co.za


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