Two apartheid police in court over ‘COSAS 4’ murders

Two apartheid police in court over ‘COSAS 4’ murders

A historic trial is expected to begin in the Johannesburg High Court on Monday, when two former apartheid police officers will be facing charges of murder. Christiaan Rorich and Thlomedi Mfalapitsa are facing charges of kidnapping, murder and crimes against humanity of murder and apartheid.

The charges are in relation to the murder of Eustice Madikela, Peter Matabane, Fanyana Nhlapo and the attempted murder of Zandisile Musi in 1982.

The four anti-apartheid activists were members of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) and were collectively known as the ‘COSAS 4’.

Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights, Dr Zaid Kimme says, “With the first day of trial we expect the prosecutor and the NPA to start presenting arguments of the trial. In particular the inclusion of the international crime against humanity as part of the charges and we hope that the trial will commence. It is being a long delay in getting the trial started. Some of that caused by the police themselves refusing to pay the costs of the two accused. The trial is long overdue. This matter should have been dealt on the immediate aftermath of the TRC.”

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