VIDEO | Limpopo community living in fear of roaming lions

VIDEO | Limpopo community living in fear of roaming lions

Residents at Marumofase village in the Ga-Mashashane area in Limpopo say they live in fear after a pride of lions was spotted roaming the area.

The residents suspect that the lions may have escaped from a nearby game farm. They say one of the lions was captured and returned to the farm on Wednesday, but believe there could still be more on the loose.

The lions had attacked and killed a donkey in the village on Wednesday.

Residents, Francinah Sekele and Frans Morudi, say they have been confined to their homes in fear of the lions.

“We don’t feel safe, every time we hear a little movement we fear that it could be a lion, especially when the power is out.”

Frans Morudi says “This issue has really scared us. We are even forced to walk our children to school daily.”

Local traditional leader, Lesetja Ledwaba, says the presence of the lions is negatively affecting the community’s ability to collect firewood in the veld. “They have captured one but even the farm owner wasn’t sure how many got out when I asked him. They really must help us so that our people can be safe when they go to fetch firewood because we depend on it for cooking because of load shedding.”

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